The game was made during the Ludum Dare 45. The theme of the jam was Start with nothing. Rate us on our Ludum Dare page please!

Many samurai serve the powerful shogun, but not you. Not anymore.

After witnessing all the blood that a blade can shed our protagonist decided to eschew his sword. Go back to the shogun's palace, show them you don't need a sword to get your message through. 

Formerly a samurai now a ronin, you have to oppose your old allies with nothing but your bare fists; disarming them with a timed counter-dash hybrid mechanic.


バクラウ Bloodless is an action single player game that supports keyboard and joystick.

To disarm your enemies you must time their attacks and dash just towards them just when they're attacking. But beware of the Red Sword technic! Enemies cannot be disarmed while their swords are red.

Windows, Mac and web **builds** are listed bellow! :)


Bloodless_Windows_1.3.zip 24 MB
Bloodless-v1.3.1_mac.zip 24 MB
Bloodless-Web-v1.3.1.zip 8 MB
Bloodless-v.2.0.zip 9 MB


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prttey cool game. GR art and idea. 8.5/10

Do u know Siames - The wolf?


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Great work!

I liked the cinematic feeling and the hud transition.
I toke some time to understand the disarm flow, but in second screen with a greatter number of enemies, was more easy.

I really want to make combos when i disarm a sequence of enemies, if the sequence of sfx change, after a sucess disarm, will be great!

Good work (: